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Easy Soundcloud Converter and MP3 Downloader

You have come to the new online Soundcloud songs converter and free MP3 downloader. It is extremely easy to use, works on dozens of systems and platforms, MP3 downloads are fast directly from Soundcloud infrastructure, there are no viruses or daily limits on downloads. Here's the list of some of the features that make our team very proud to have built this amazing online app. It's always a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions or ideas in general - feel free to contact us. And we will be happy to get the conversation started. We're all about improving things here.

How to download songs from Soundcloud easy and quick?

Search Soundcloud tracks directly from here

Mp3-Sound-Cloud is happy to help. And so we've made searching Soundcloud music from here a reality. To experience the amazing phenomenon, try enter some search text above in the entry field, then hit Search button to the right. Technically speaking, anything that is not a proper URL will be treated as search text. And so we will present you with up to 50 results to your search, containing public and preview tracks on Soundcloud that we thing fit best your search criteria. If the track you're looking for is missing in the list, try refine your search keywords and do another search.


Music Downloader Web App

Add to Home Screen

Download music from Soundcloud using this website as web-app. It looks and feels exactly as this website, only it is wrapped in a browser shell of your choice, and never needs updates. Otherwise it will be a great addition to your apps home screen on Android or Windows mobile. For Iphones - use shortcut described below. This app is tiny, it doesn't use any storage space, just give it a try.

Shortcut via Bookmark

Download audio

Shortcut or as they sometimes say - Bookmarklet, is a way to access this site quicker without the need to copy and paste any URLs. All you need to do is drag and drop this button below to your bookmarks. Then press it anytime you're on a Soundcloud page with music. This shortcut will copy URL, send you back here to MP3-Sound-Cloud and will insert URL into the entry box, all with 1 click on this bookmark.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is best way to download Soundcloud music?

  1. Find the track you want to download, copy its Soundcloud link to clipboard.
  2. Visit Mp3-Sound-Cloud and insert link into the entry box, hit Search button.
  3. Select the format you want then proceed to convert and download file.

Are daily downloads limited in some way?

No. There are no limits on daily downloads, hourly, or whatever, just don't pile up multiple downloads at once, this maybe considered exploiting and you maybe stopped.

Does this work with huge Soundcloud playlists?

Yes, we support proper playlists, just copy URL and submit it via the form on top, then pick whatever tracks you want from the list and convert them to MP3, save to your device.

What conversion formats are supported?

Soundcloud music can be converter to MP3, MP4, OPUS, OGG, M4A formats, just check out options when you submit a link.

Does this site support other cloud music?

No, this is just for Soundcloud music - tracks and playlists (of tracks). To download video from other sources or convert to MP3 - look elsewhere.

How to convert Soundcloud to MP3 on Android or iPhone?

  1. First open Soundcloud app (or website) and find the track you want to convert to MP3, then hit Share button and Copy Link
  2. Open this site, and insert copied link into the form on top of page, hit orange button to submit link for processing.
  3. In a few seconds download options for this track will load up, pick the one you like and proceed to download file. iPhone users may need Documents app to save media to their device.